Ahad, November 14, 2010

Tissue Box Holder for car (with Tutorial)

My weekend activity..
Still remember my tissue box cover here?
This is the improvised version of it... and specially made to match my previous ABC Project

Nak tissue... sila ambil sendiri yerr (di tujukan khas untuk Izzah kikiki)
And I am thinking of sharing it with all of you.. if any one who would like try on your own.

I used the 100 ply tissue box, in which I think suitable than using a bigger box (like before, I used 200 ply box)

What you need are:
Fabric A = Outer
Fabric B = Lining
Fabric C = Interfacing
* all measurement inclusive of seam allowance
1. Cut 19" x 4" of A,B,C = 1 piece each
2. Cut 8" x 9 1/4" of A,B,C = 2 pieces each
3. Cut 3" x 18" of A
4. Cut 1 inch (wide) Elastic 10 "
5. Bias tape 10" = 2 pieces
Snap button (optional, can use velcro, button with button whole etc)

Or else if your tissue box is different measurement than mine, u can measure it yourself.. like what I did here hihihi (before I came out with the cutting above)
First of all, I iron on the interfacing to the lining fabric
Then make a line seperti dlm gambar di bawah for fabric cut number 1 (the 8"x9 1/4") (Front)
Put fabric A and B (B+C) - 1 piece each- together and sew 2 parallel line... about 1/4 inch gap between line.. but if you prefer a wide window for the tissue to come out, you can make it wider
Cut the fabric in the middle of the line and turn the fabric (macam buat poket tebuk).
So now we have the window for the tissue holder. Hopefully the insctruction is clear.. hahahaha pardon me for a bad instructions here

Ok now.. sew fabric cut number 1 (19"x4") our first step above. You will get this...

Now lets make the strap.
Then insert the elastic. Make sure locked the end of the elastic to the strap with pin. if not you will find the elastic in the middle of the fabric huhuhu..

Sew the strap to the 2nd cut of number 2 (at the back)

Then sew the fabric together
You will get something like this..
The top stitch the left and right side of the tissue holder. To make it neat, use you iron on fusible tape first to hold both the fabric together.
Then finished it with bias tape
Fastened you snap button.
Tadaaaaa the finish product.
Ok.. now you can put it in its place
Hopefully the tutorial is clear enough, this is my first time doing a tutorial from scratch... and would love to hear from you. Also appreciate any comment on it

And if to DIY is too difficult for you.. I made an extra holder in which I intend to sell it.. but with a slight different pattern, its an envalope type (just a variation in the pattern)
The price is.... emmm berapa yer? RM28 each exclude post
Interested? Please email me for detail ok.
Update15.11.2010: Both Not available anymore. Sorry yerrr. But layan je lah gambar2 dibawah yer
Picture A
Picture B
At the back (same for both A & B)


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  1. willing to try this project. So nice to have this tissue holder in my car...hehehe... (dh mula berangan nih)

  2. Good effort on this tut...crystal clear giler..i am sure ramai terpanggil utk coba.

  3. Rosh.. dah buat nnt share share yer. share2 picture hihihi.

    Nykolett.. harapnya adalah nak mencuba

    Fitria.. thanks for visiting

    Mama Daniel.. TQ TQ

  4. Hi Kak Mila. Yati meng-explore blog kak Mila ni. Rajin akak buat ye, cantik pula tu, tissue box holder. :)

  5. oh wow this is great!!! My kids have often carsickness and tissue's are often used in that case!!!! Gonna make one for our summerhollyday!

  6. Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.

  7. ohsemmmm... 2nd tutorial that definitely will try it from you.


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