Sabtu, Julai 25, 2009

My New Tudung..

Setelah sekian lama tak buat tudung for my self... here it is my new tudung. A very lite purple with double awning

A White tudung for a friend.. lot to sew, but today there will be a new sewing machine for me yea yea... emmm tak sabarnyer

Some one asked me on my history with menjahit nii.. bila start belajar menjahit, belajar kat mana etc etc.. Well its a long story, sometime I smile to myself about what had happen in the past... now really bersyukur sbb I have everything (for others might not ler) for me to go on with my sewing project.

I start to sew at the age of 13.. hahaha masa tuh jahit baju sekolah sendiri, but not yet menggunting ler. Mak tolong gunting n its my turn to sew. After that baru belajar menggunting baju kurung dengan mak. Mak was not a tailor, menjahit pon untuk anak2 sendiri jer. Sbb at that time, the life was a hard time for us, with 7 siblings (I am the eldest) and my late father was just a rubber tapper. I remember that one of my cousin asked me to sew baju raya for his children and I got RM5 - RM10 for each baju that I sew (Baju budak2 jer, age 5 - 10 years) Seronok tau dapat upah jahit hehehe.

Masa habis SPM, I joined the Kelas Menjahit Kemas, teringat buat famous kebaya kurung at that time. Best jugak mixing with kakak2 n makcik2., mcm2 cerita ada tp sbb masa tuh masih budak2 lg kan, kekadang tak faham sgt apa yg diorg cerita. So sad that recently one of them died because of breast cancer. There I learned a lot... baju kurung moden, blouse etc etc

My learning session never stop, I learned to sew baju melayu with my cousin, then belajar sulam cabut with a Sarawakian friend at the U, then learned to sew pants. Now tgh wat project menyulam baju raya my hubby. baru siap poket, lom lg lengan n the also the yellow one. fuh sempat ke eks.. nak jahit tudung lg niii

I really enjoy sewing eventhough some of my friend asked why should i made it by my self sedangkan I earn enough for me to get some one to sew i for met... I told her.. Its a satifaction, walaupon kekadang tak secantik di tempah tp hati ini puas n I am always learning something from it.

I think with all modern facilities... now we can learn thru the net jer. Contoh mcm belajar menjahit tudung niii.. banyak info kat internet yg kita bole share n dapat. Hope to learn more n more...

Thanks to my mother for making it compulsory for us (her daughters-4 of us) to learn to sew on at least baju kurung. so eventhough some of us doesnt really like to sew but they have the knowledge for at least sewing our traditional baju kurung.

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  1. kak.. dah lama nak blajar jahit sulam sarawak tp x da yg ajar... akak da pandai nanti bleh jahitkn utk saya.. Naz, Sabah

  2. Salam Naz... jom akak ajarkan. nak buatkan takut tak sempat. Nnt akak try wat tutorial eks. Eh dulu nak cari kain jersey tuh dah dapat ke?


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