Rabu, Februari 29, 2012

Fast Restock

"Merempit" in two hours last night and I finished restock all these Cloth Pantyliner

Top With Bamboo Fabric Cloth pantyliner
Price at RM8.50 per piece

Flannel Pantyliner
Price at RM6.00

Please email me at


Selasa, Februari 28, 2012

Untuk di jual..

Once addicted to sew a make up bag, I will do it in rows hahaha
As I had so many handmade bags in my collection and I dont intend to use them.. I just want to sell off all these make up bags..
Butterfly in blue
Material : Cotton
Big size, about 8.5 inch x 9 inch
With 2 pockets inside, wirstlet with swivel clasp
Price : RM22.00

Ladybug in pink
(Combination of Pink Raindrop in stripe by Railey Blake and Urban Zoology Lady bug in pink)
US Designer Cotton
3 pockets inside
Wristlet with swivel clasp
Price : RM30.00

Combination of Sevenberry Japanese Cotton and Linen cotton (bottom part)
With 2 pockets inside
Wristlet with swivel clasp
Price : RM25.00

And the one below have their owners already

Its already towards end of February already.. how about our sew along?
Ada yang dah siap kan? Yang belum siap ada masa lagi nak cuba yerr
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Isnin, Februari 27, 2012

fall in love with BOBBIN WORK

I heard about this BOBBIN WORK technique from our FB Group 1H1P yesterday...
And I am superduper excited with the technique and cant wait to try it. 
I surf for some tutorial on the net, eventhough nothing much about it, but enough to give me some idea on how it suppose to work.

When Izzah's went to sleep last night, I quickly looked for something to sew. Luckly I left one of my kaleidoscope cushion cover patchwork unfinished.

Here it is... my bedtime sewing LOL

The yellow thread using stitch no. 29 in my NV50, and I used cross stitch thread, but it was not DMC, I cant remember the brand.

I tried FMQ too, using DMC thread, thread that I normally use in Sulam Cabut Benang. slightly thinner than the crossstitch thread, so that I can load in more thread to the bobbin.
I am over the moon with this new technique, keep me wondering who are the first person that came out with this wonderful idea.

Still not a perfect outcome, I think I need to learn more on how to adjust the thread tension... see some of the thread is not well sewn. Lucky that my NV50 has getting back to its original performance on FMQ.... selepas di servis.

If you are also wondering about this new technique, try to do some research on it on the net, I am not someone you can refer to because I am also a beginner....LOL... sorry gurls

Happy Monday.. Have a nice day.


Ahad, Februari 26, 2012

Make-up bag Tutorial

I am in happy mood today as Izzah has started to know how to float herself and swim. She can swim about 2 or 3 meters, but not more than that. But I am so impressed with the progress...because we just on our 4th session, and teaching by a non-pro swimmer.. ME hahaha

Here I wanted to share with you on how to do your own make up bag..
Things that we need (measurement in inch):
2 pieces Outer Fabric =8.5 x 5.5
2 pieces Lining fabric =8.5 x 7
Bag bottom =8.5 x 3.5
1 piece lining fabric for pocket =8.5 x 4 (Optional)
Bag bottom fabric about 6 x 1.5 for zipper end closure
Zipper + Zipper head
Thin batting

Sew the bag body to the bag bottom, then measure  & cut your batting. I usually didnot precut the batting as I dont want it to waste incase of overize or under.

Then top stich the joining together with batting at the back

Add some texture to the bag body by simple quilt.

Attach the pocket to the ling fabric

I added a handmade label and a ribbon here, embellish as you wish :)

Measure the zipper: the zipper should at least smaller that the length of the bag by 1/2 inch. Here it should be 8 inch

Put in the zipper head and cut a piece of fabric that can bind the zipper end. Hope the picture well explained my bad wording here LOL

Fold the zipper end and sew on top if it.

Make it on both sides

The attached the zipper to the bag body and the lining

Top stitch the zipper, but up only to the zipper end, not till the end of the body fabric.

Then attached the other side to the zipper

Top sttich it, sorry but here its a bit difficult to do, because its in a small hole of the bag body.

Now fold in the one inside the red-green box below (I will show in the next picture on how to fold it.
Sew through the red line and leave a small hole at the bottom of the bag lining.

Fold the bag bottom like this and sew on top of it

Make sure not to sew the zipper end here..

On the bag lining, measure about 2.5 inch and sew it

Turn the bag inside out through the small hole on the lining, and close the opening on the bag lining bottom

Tadaaa... here is the outcome.. I put in a wristlet with a swivel clasp to the zipper.

Thanks for reading this. if you are inspired with this tutorial, please link back to me. It makes me feel appreaciated after spending hours on this tutorial... :)


Khamis, Februari 23, 2012

Applique : At the riverside

Spending hours on this... 
Another applique project for bags and pouch..

Kali ini saya menggunakan tool baru..
Ingat tak arituh, masa join sew along MyBotang, everybody keeps wondering what is it Fusible Web... ingat tak? (pada yang join sew along tuh laaaa)

I found this at CW masa year end sale arituh..

Fuh... memang best guna tool ni untuk applique... lapisan bergam tuh memang sangatlah nipis, hampir tak nampak. Once dah iron, terus melekat. Bahagian tepi fabric pun tidak pecah (fraying). Dan yang penting bila jahit, gam tersebut tidak memberi kesan kepada jarum. Tapi yang tak bestnya harga fusible web ni memang boleh tak tahan jugaklah... kena jimat cermat guna, sementara nak tunggu year end sale lagi hahahaha..

Ok kawan-kawan.. Thanks for reading..


Isnin, Februari 20, 2012

Saya nak jual tudung2 pink ini :)

Saya menjahit tudung untuk Izzah.. gara2 masuk Persatuan Puteri Islam,  belek2 kain, tinggal sikit je lagi. Dah alang2 saya potong jer 2 tudung lagi..

Here it is..

Saya nak let go 2 tudung ni, satu pendek skit, kiranya saiz S untuk budak. Sesuai untuk budak2 6 - 8 tahun. Labuh cuma +-11 inci
Yang satu lagi sesuai untuk budak umur 9 - 11 tahun, labuh depan +-13 inchi

Awning tudung ni takde pengeras, memang totally lycra sahaja, Izzah memang suka sangat dengan tudung seperti ini.

Kalau ada sesiapa berminat nak beli untuk anak ke.. anak saudara ke.. anak jiran kee hehhee.. bolehlah email saya yer, cuma RM15.00 sahaja sehelai, tak termasuk kos pos.
(pst pst.. model ni berbayar dengan tudung untuk dia sendiri hehehe... at the same time dia juga nak try jual tudung ni, comissionnyer dia request RM5 tau hahaha.. rege tetap maintain LOL)

update : Only the small one left.


Ahad, Februari 19, 2012

Blogger's BOM Quilt Along

Here are my December and January BOMs

Better late than never :p

Tutorial was from Pat Sloan here

Tutorial was from QulitDad, You can find it here

Join us?
Please visit here

I am feeling lucky this month... I won 2 GAs organised by our crafter friends.
One from kelate with love.. TQ Dr Lina
you can visit her blog here
The background is local batik selling by meter, in which rarely found here. Normally batik is selling by piece or in 4 meter cut for baju kurung right.. I also love the lace. TQ soo much Dr Lina.

Another GA won was from Zura Lovemelot
Its's Lola Skirt pattern from Petite Kids Boutique, will find a time to sew one for my lil niece, Qalisha :)...
TQ soo much to Zura and Wong, the pattern designer.

Happy weekend friends


Restock Cloth Pantyliners

Kepada yang bertanyakan stok cloth pantyliner saya... adalah di umumkan (ayat lebih-lebih plak kan), saya telahpun restock my cloth pantyliner.

This one, top with bamboo fleece, if you ask me why bamboo fabric, the simple answer is it an antibacterial fabric, but if you need to know more, you can find it here

From my discussion with friends who are using this bamboo fleece, its important that the furry side do not touch your skin. So please dont worry, all this pantyliner sewn with the furry side facing inside, it will not touch your skin at all.

I restock 10 units of this type. The wing side made from cotton fabric.
Selling at RM8.50/piece

And below I made one with flannel only, an economical cloth pantyliner, selling at RM6/piece

Please email me if you are interested ok.
First come first serve basis, reservation only for 2 days.