Isnin, April 06, 2009

Fabric Selection

Ikea Fabric - rhino/love/sunny day

USC-travel/ USC-hats/MM1
Panel : Bear
Panel : Cat
Panel : Owl
Panel : zoo (Restock) sample on previous project can be viewed here

Panel: ABC 123 (bought from Maymay Shop)
Vehicle panel
in the jungle 
ABC123boys panel (picture from maymayshop)
JC-Love/USC-sea shore/playday
JC-Bear cartoon/elephant/JC-cupcake in green
pink flower/doll/JC-apple/JC-small owl
flower pot/Butterfly/Big Brother Bear


seashore (2 different fabric)
Purple yellow combination

USC-vase rack/transportation (organic US Cotton)
USC- Orange/smallapple/big apples/lollipop
rocket in pink
Vehicle in white
Honey festival
Japanese cotton-Donut/Icecream/Love/BlueCars
USC-vintage panel
USC-1..10 Blue
USC-1..10 Red

USC - Birdie teal/birdie blue/birdie pink, rainy day on monday pink, and rainyday on monday yellow

USC - ladybird/fish/kitty

USC-Kona solid

Note: USC=US Cotton
JC=Japanese Cotton
Other than that its either local cotton or Vietnam Cotton

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