Khamis, November 19, 2009

17.11.2009 Jalan jalan sekitar KL

My in laws are here since Monday... we surprised them with our new home.. now comes to aktiviti jalan2 area KL. Kalau kitorg jer.. mesti tak g nyer, walaupon dah bertahun dok KL nii. First kitorg g ke Taman Rama-Rama (Butterfly Park). I remembered being in this park 10 years ago when I was at the Matriculation Centre.... Surprisingly, after 10 years, the fees has gone up 4x.. huh.. dulu2 only RM4 jer now dah RM18 for adult. Luckily that we went there on weekdays, so ada 60% discount.. only at RM8 jerr

My lil angel here crying.. sbb rama-rama dok asyik mengekori dia... that scared her to death hahahahah. Org lain rama2 lari, dia plak lari dr rama2. we made a conclusion that is because of she's wearing pink.. the same as most of the flower.. hahaha dah kena gelak.
We had our lunch at medan ikan bakar.. tangling if not mistaken... sedap jugak ler tp ramai sungguh orang. Then we stop at Tugu Negara sekejap.... just to snap a photo jer. Then singgah jap kat Jln Masjid India n staright away goes back home.

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