Isnin, Januari 10, 2011

Another home improvement weekend

Selalu cerita pasal weekend kan.. Nak buat macamana, weekdays are too short for me, days in days out. Pagi  hantar Izzah ke sekolah then pergi kerja, petang balik, ambil Izzah dari day care, cook for dinner, then having dinner together, then helping Izzah with her homework.. then goes to sleep at 9.30pm... and every day is just the same day... My craft project pon takat separuh jalan jerr...

I have one more thing to do in my list, which is my friend's diaper bag, she just deliver her 4th baby in the family last week and its a boy. Congratulation to you Aisyah on your bundle of joy.... remember the baby set in red in my previous post... that one meant for the baby boy....

But still I am not in a mood of sewing a bag now, due to my serger is not working well.. apa kaitan entah, tapi bila serger tuh but hal, I am not in mood to do anything that need detail attention.. just nak buat something yang simple jer.... Here is my table runner for our side table in master bedroom.. the idea??? came from my dear hubby... the purpose is to put in all the charger set when it was not in use.. and also bole jugak nak letak handphone, kunci etc etc...

The other side of it... yang ini pocketnya agak besar skit sebab cuma 2 pocket jer... opsss igneore gambar lelaki seksi tuh yer.. its Men's Health Magazine belongs to my hubby..

This is another project suka-suka lepas gian menjahit hahaha. Suka suka menampal scrap kecik2 and di jadikan coaster.. semuanya from scrap, even the batting, made from scrap that I zigzag stitch it together...
Felt like sewing something tonight, lucky that Izzah dont have any homework to do today... but I need to fix the serger aggghhhhh..

PS: reminder to me, for mesin jahit tepi Singer, sila gunakan needle that carry coding HA


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  1. Mila, rajin sungguh adik kDee ni...bertuah juga sekeluarga.... dapat guna hasil kerjatangan Mila.

  2. ibu_suri macam Mila juga. suka bunga sana, alas sini. sebaliknya IM suka plain..kosong. macam ofis IM..


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