Jumaat, April 13, 2012

From Pads to A Cup

Hi Ladies...
This posting dedicated to ladies only, no guys ok hahaha

I have been thinking about upgrading or migrating or what ever it calls.... to menstrual cups. I have browsing all over the net on anything related to menstrual cup.
This Mooncup a bit popular, but I am still wondering where to buy in Malaysia, anyone has an idea, please share. Or is it the same as Lady's cup here at Tinytapir?
Tinytapir also have this Meluna cup.. which seems cheaper than Lady's Cup and colourful too
Another one... that I found on the net...
You may also get more infoon menstrual cup at Anic's blog here

All the positive reviews that I read making me keen to try, its a bit pricey but since it is reusable, it worth to try.

And if any of you who are now using it, appreciate your comment on this...

Update on 14/04/2012 - I am sharing Anic's review on this cup

Hi Mila,

Menstrual cup is super useful.. :) I am a big fan of menstrual cup.. :)  I have Ladycup and Meluna cup. No need to thoroughly wash during the period, just empty, rinse it with water and insert it back. But boil them before/after each period or use Alcohol wipe. The Meluna cup is stiffer than the Ladycup, but when it is inside, I can't tell the difference. I don't feel anything when the cup is inside.. just like without period..

If you are not in the rush, you can get the ladycup from ebay, it is about USD35 with shipping included:

I went to check and she didn't have auction like before. When she does the price is like USD20 plus..

I use cup during the heavy days... save me washing too many cloth pads. My ideal situation would be I empty the cup before I leave for work and then only empty the cup when I get home at night. This means that I need a cup which is big enough for that. Ladycup L size almost achieve this but the Meluna L size could take a bigger volume than the Ladycup L size, the reason why I bought Meluna L size ( but I end up preferring Ladycup as it is softer and easier for me to insert).
Here is a link to a size chart:   

I could survive with Ladycup large from morning till evening without having to empty during the day.. :)

Thanks Anic for the wonderful review...

Update on 18/4/2012 :
It is save to use even when sleeping or laying down.. I imagined that it would spill over hahaha


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  1. baru 1st time dengor menstrual cup ni, mcm mana guna dia?

  2. Dah tau lama pasal cup ni tapi x berani cuba sebab takut tak reti nak pakai.. Siap pk tak boleh keluarkan la sbb tersangkut huhu -__-" Nak jugak dgr feedback orang yg dah pakai..

  3. Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.

  4. Hi Mila,

    There is learning curve... If you couldn't get it to work the first couple of times don't give up, keep trying.. the effort is worthwhile/ My favourite fold is the origami fold:

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