Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pears in Aqua.. Thread Spools

Another project accomplished

Dulu2 saya takut benor dengan mitered corner, and believe it or not, for the first 5 block, I felt like to discontinue with the block, but after, I got the rhythm.. and after 20 blocks, means 20 time 4 corners... 80 corners.. I fall in love with it.
The quilted pillowcase.. first time buat pebbles tuh... wokey jugak. bolat2.. kat tengahnya kembong gitu hahhaa
This set comprises of 2 bolster, 1 small pillow and 1 bigger pillow
Hopefully the owner will like it.

And this..... another block in making..

Good night and sweet dream...


  1. cute..cute..

    yang ABC tu pun cute.. panel ke kak?

  2. akak, semua cute & cun! buat saya rasa berpinar2, ni mesin ape kak?huhu


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