Jumaat, September 07, 2012

The Runner

Hi friends..
Let me introduce you to my new runner in the house
Perfectly fit to my coffee table

In scraps and only scraps in dresden

Backing with the anti-slip fabric (the one in white)

Scraps that creates more scraps emmmm.. what am I going to do with this scraps? Should I keep it for the future project or just throw it to the bin..

My first ever project using my dresden ruler, bought it few months back from FQS. What a wonderful experience I had. I started on Monday night (suddenly getting the mood to cut the fabric after Izzah made a comment on the coffee table.. hahaha) and finished it on Wednesday, handstitch the binding on Thursday and there it is... (Monday to Thursday seems to be a bit too long with this simple project right.. but bare in mind that I only had few hours, sometime lesser, at night to be in my sewing room.. :P.)

So now.. I am welcoming my raya guest with my new table runner hihi.. and not to forget the new tablecloth and a half completed cahir cover (only 3 chairs covered, the other 3????? are still in progress, hopefully I can finished it over the weekend).. And... get ready for the FAQ (Frequently asked question).. "Buat sendiri ke ni???" Hahaha i love that Q.. and I love answering it... 

Happy weekend..

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  1. geramnnyeeeee!!!! tak pernah cuba dresden ni.. tapi memang cun! :D

  2. TQ syiela n mamikelate

    Ziela.. cubalah.. rasanya kalau takde ruler, ada free pattern kat internet, akak beli ruler tuh masa FQS ada offer arituh, rasanya USD3 or 4 jer kut


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