Isnin, Disember 24, 2012

Animal parade for lil Wajdi

Remember my story on the lil Wajdi here?
We never know earlier for exact whether he is a boy or a girl, so I have to wait for him to come out before I sew him a quilt... letih tunggu hihi. 

And here it is
ANIMAL PARADE for lil Wajdi
Big quilt for a liltle one.. in green theme

I made this using free pattern from Quilt & More Magazine. Alternatively you can use this online free pattern, Traffic Jam Wall Hanging

Sneak peak on the backing

I slowly learned how to quilt in the ditch using my hi-speed. Sebelum ini the backing fabric mesti jadi pendek. But with this quilt, I managed to overcome it... so happy with the result. Sorry that I cant share it here because its a bit complicated to write in words and I might get you confused more, but you can always email me if you are interested in it. But bare in mind its using hi-speed industrial machine, not using portable machine ok.

See you, Wassalam
Wajdi... Awe is coming...

pst pst.. this week dok rumah jer, tak dapat nak g swimming, so apa lagi... panjang deretan projek jahit saya hihi


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  1. beh2x...dapat tgk hasil jahitan mila...

  2. Cantik nya Mila! Lovely work! Kat industrial machine Mila guna tapak apa untuk quilt? Boleh guna walking foot ke?

  3. semakin berkobar nak cari hi speed

  4. Thank Kuazue..

    Zura.. kalau guna hi-speed, quilting guna tapak general jer. No specific footer for quilting. walaupun tebal, still ok jer boleh jalan. tak macam portable, langsung tak bergerakkan. But problem skit bila quilting in the ditch, terutama katakan big square, feeding atas bawahnya tak sama, in which kalau small square tak nampak sgt.

    Suzie... hi-speed tak mahal sgt, pejam mata bayar jer kakakakaa

  5. berbaloi-baloi cekau hi speed itu... hihihi... ;)


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