Rabu, Jun 23, 2010

"I am financially free.. how about you.."

This wording I read somewhere but cant really remember where is it. But keep on thinking of it.. can we really be a financially free... and does it mean by financially free.... is it freedom of any financial obligation?? Some said to retire early... can we? Sebab tuh ramai nak masuk SCK (skim cepat kaya) kut... dok rumah goyang kaki dapat duit hihihi

Boleh ke hidup takde hutang? Beli rumah cash, beli kete cash.. is it a wise things to do? For me... its depends on the economic situation.. kalau interest beli rumah lebih tinggi dari interest FD/Investment, why not... if you can afford it..

Can I be a fulltimehousewife.. crafting sampai lobam in front of my machine.. emmm if I opt to.. shouldnot be a problem kan... dulu2 arwah abah cuma menoreh getah, boleh jer membesarkan kami yg 7 beradik nii.. ops its an old story... dulu2 pakai motor buruk takper.. now dah ada kete viva, nak kete honda civic plak hihihi.. angan2 tinggi melangit, camna nak finacially free. So do I have to living below means for a happier life.. alamakk satu lg, rasa rugi plak dok rumah jer sbb... dot dot...(all sorts of reason for myself-this one applicable to myself je yerr.. so no heart fealing to others ok)

Then how do it manage my personal finance:-
1. Read a lot on personal financing (now dah jarang2 kut-buku jer banyak, bacanyer idok sbb lebih syok dok depan sewing machine)
2. Fully settled my Credit Card every month.. (My opnion: it's not a wise things to do if you totally disregard your credit card... but spend within your budget.. n pay it promptly.... u can always save first pay later)
3. Loan only limited to housing n car loan... say no to personal loan and ah long or ah ngah
4. Always giving to others.. no matter in what form it is... (that why I am giving a GA ahak!)
5. Live below your means.. makcik guna Viva jer eventho makcik bole beli Merz (makcik tipu je tuu ahak! panjang angan2 jo)
TAPI.... makcik bole fengsan tengok kain chanteq chanteq tau.. sbb macik bole luferr janji2 makcik.. aiyoooo

So how about yours???

Rimbun with LOVE
No one despairs of solace from Allah except for people who do not believe (Qur'an,12:87) Thank You Allah for everything

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