Selasa, September 28, 2010

Cloth pad.. My 3rd Version

Introducing my 3rd version of CP (after reviewing soo many CP tutorial in the net)

Ada 2 layer. The wing part, nipis jer, using normal cotton from my scrap basket. But the upper part backed with PUL, kat tengah tuh I am using microfibre, and luar guna flannel. Malas nak mengetuk my snap button dmalam hari.. so just use the sew on snap je lah....

I plan to more CP this coming weekend.. but tak tau lah sempat ke tidak.. too many open house to attend huhuhuu

4 ulasan:

  1. salam,

    santek aa munga-munga purple..silap2 anak dara akak yg pakai kang :p

  2. hahahaa... for next few year belum ler lg kut hihihi

  3. looks great. :)

    Was thinking to make something like this also, now that I have my KAM snap pliers...

    Thinking to make the wing from microfleece and then the soaker from Bamboo fleece & velour. Then snap the soaker to the wing since I now have KAM snap pliers...


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