Monday, September 27, 2010

Patchwork for first timer

When my eyes opened widely, and its already 12 in the morning.......

Lets do something.. start the engine and taraaaaa..

My first ever patchwork project for cushion cover... emmm not really first time, because I remember one of the similar project I did 17 years ago... at our "Kelas Jahit KEMAS".

The fabric is from Sue My Botang.... just received it friday and cant wait to sew it hahaha.. tetiba the spirit come.. dont know whether the colour is in good combination or not but I just used what ever that match the size of the template (my own template)

First time ever using my free-motion foot.. its better that sew freely without footer.. and here is the price for this first time lesson..

Ok lah kan.. only sebatang jarum. but no bloody event macam Ann of the Green Gable Crafty Anique.. ok lah tuh kan.
So as a reminder to me who use NV50.. (and others who use NV50 and try to use the free motion foot).. here are what we need to do:-
1. Install the Free Motion Foot as per instruction in the manual book.
2. Lower the kaki anjing dog foot.. mesin jahit punya kaki, anjing dapat nama.. apa2 je lah
3. Select stitch that have 'Q' letter below it
4. Tighten a bit you thread tension, normal stitch I normally use 5 or 6, but for free motion I think 7 gives me a better result, especially the lower thread.
5. Start to sew.... at first I was not familiar with the 360 degree sewing... so selalu stop and angkat tapak bila nak turn left or right hahaha.. rupernyer.. bole kiri kanan or depan belakang.. syok nyerrrr

Opsss updates on my super duper urgent project: this weekend mmg super duper busy me.. manage to sew my living room curtain and my kitchen curtain.. plus all the laundry, sweeping and mopping ahak...ahak.. ahak... makcik kepenatan.



  1. Mila, there is always a fist time in everything... and yours was one very happening and practice makes perfect... :)

    Lovely cushion!

  2. Salam;

    Terbaca entry ttg hari raya di Sarawak. Patutlah Mila punya sulam cabut sangat cantik. Itu trade mark orang Sarawak jugak kan, selain drpd kek lapis sarawak :))


  3. DiahRothman.. thanks Kak D...yeap.. kena berani cubo, baru tahu.

    Ummi.. betul tuh.. trademark baju melayu dengan sulam cabut.

  4. Mila ,, hah Green Gable ehhh ... !!!!! hahaha

    wahhh jarum patah ...
    jangan di simpan dalam peti tau


    mana gambar hasilnya tu ....

    lawa kusyen !

  5. thanks Ann of the green gable ahak.. my fav story book... dulu2

    your cushion cover are always be my inspiration awww

  6. Anne of green gable is my fav too. I've all d collections...err..ntah kat mana i simpan...hihihi... buat cushion byk2.. blh bg kat kami...

  7. Mula-mula tak nampak mana free motion quilting nye... bila ditenung-tenung rupanya kat border... kaler dia contrast habis

  8. Rosh.. saya pon ada all the series, tp now dah tinggal kat kampung hahaha. teringat cerita ni kat TV masa kecik2 dulu.

    Kak rozi.. ha ah.. kat tepi2 tuh. kat tengah tuh just ikut border jer.. tak nampak sgt.

  9. Tak pernah cuba free motion lagi. Sebab mesin jahit pun jenis mini. Mesti best, sebab tak yah angkat tapak untuk tukor direction. Great work, kak Mila! ^_^


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