Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Bag for Cu

Ok.. finish with the GA result. Just wanted to share what I have done in this few days, sampai tido pon dok terbayang2 nak jahit camna hahaha..

Here is a bag dedicated to my youngest sister... as I said before, she will register in one of the university next week. Izzah's comment "Kesian Cu nanti, jauh dari mak, macam Ma jugak", hihii dont confuse.. she always called my mother which is her grandmother as "mak", her real mother is Ummi ok.

My initial plan was to attached a zipper (itu yg tak lena tido sbb dok pikir camna nak letak zipper tu)... but something wrong somewhere, the zipper become longer than the bag huh.. frust betul. Actually, this time I dont refer to any tutorial, just made it on my own imagination hahaha. The bag also suppose to be smaller than my FQ bag, but in the end it become bigger than... hish hish... I purposely make it with a larger handle which is 1.5 inch... but I think that doest not suit the bag well, because bila letak kat bahu, one of the handle akan jatuh huh!...

Ahhhh so many things tak betul... dah rush sgt. Tapi satu yg bestnyer... I still remember how to sew 'poket tebuk' (I dont know the word in english)... I learned it first time back in 1997.. when I learned to make a man's slack from my neighbour, Achik. Oh.. I remember made my first man's slack for arwah abah. Aku beli kain untuk buat seluar sekolah budak sekolah rendah... warna biru tua.. kalau budak lelaki mmg bole bawa g sekolah dah... and it became abah's favourite slack till he died isk isk... kelaut sudaaa aku niii.

Ok lah.. hopely Cu will be happy with the bag, bole ler bawa telekung ke.. air masak kee.. dlm beg tu nanti. Pesan Izzah "Nanti2 umi akan buatkan beg lain untuk cu lagi". Mesti ayah andak jeles nnt... (always having a difficulty in giving a gift to a man)

Mila@Rimbun with LOVE


  1. rimbun, saya tengok cantik je tiada slack dimana-mana pun..

  2. beg tuh mmg dah ok.. cuma tak seperti yg d kehendaki.. nak isi zipper kat bukaan beg tuh.. n nak kecik skit saiznya... n tak tau naper handle tuh asyik jatuh jer bila kat bahu.. maybe takde barang kat dlm tuh kut hihihih... anyway thanks


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