Khamis, Julai 29, 2010

Cloth Pad... My 2nd Version

Not finish with my Menstrual Pad yet.
Selepas mengemas "my little sewing corner" tu.. I dont know where I put my first CP that I made previously. Punyalah mengemas sampai hilang semua benda. Thats me, and dont be surprise... two or three days later.. I found it... so not to worry ok.
Now here is my 2nd version,
No snap button yet, still waiting for my own snap button tools from Zila Kassim.. suppose to receive by yesterday but... huhuhu harap janganlah posmen g buat pomen motor dia plak...
CP with love hahaha.. tak centre ler plak..
I made it adjustable.. means can add another layer if on heavy flow
I have used the pantyliner that I made in my first posting on CP, here are some point that need to be considered when making your own CP/buying a new one;
1. The wings... tanpa wing, boleh jatuh dalam toilet bila buka seluar (whoopsss). Alternatively you can use a small pin.
2. Too many layers will make the CP harder to dry. Especially when you handwash it, unless you dry it directly under the sunlight or else get the machine to wash it.. (I have done this withthe  pantyliner.. seems ok, kemudian hari tak tau lah kan).. so PUL Booster is the best that I can think of (refer to Anic posting in her blog)

Thats all for today...

Mila@Rimbun with LOVE

6 ulasan:

  1. Nice design.. i like, i like.. :)

    i was thinking about making a lot of the middle portion just the wing piece (the green part in your picture), then can just buy towel handkerchief and wrap around it and snap..

  2. Anic... now I get it... its like a a holder to the towel or handkerchief tuh right?... emm brilliant idea.. better ketat skit kut eks... so that it will hold the towel... think n think

  3. agree... mesti ada wing. bila pakai, mmg x tercicir kalau takde wings tapi bab buka seluar ooppss tu, akan berlaku eksiden walaupun berhati2 hahahah... kalau kat rumah ok la. kalau masuk public toilet, dah jatuh dlm lubang tandas tu camna?

  4. @Rozi Rahman

    eeee takleh imagine, kalau kat rumah pon bahaya.. nak flush jer kang tersumbat plak tandas huhuhuhu

  5. hehe..ganeh sgt sampai jatuh pad..kuikuikui..

  6. @Lynn Nasir

    hahaha toilet jauh.. tahan punya tahan dah tak tahan kui kui... nasib tak jatuh.. kalau jatuh sure flush jer.. but takut jugak kang tersumbat toilet sohih kena kutuk ngan semua org nnt...


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