Isnin, November 19, 2012

My CR1/16N

Coding apakah itu agaknya?
Long story, I am making it short.... I found this at Yee Button, but the shop assistant dont know anything about this and said to me its just a normal footer for normal sewing machine... Jawapan yang sungguh mengecewakan..

From the shape I know its for hi-speed machine, but dont know what is the function.
Back at home, I quickly searched through the net... oh mr. google.. thank you soo much. It was actually a top stitch footer, or also known as compensation foot (what to compensate hihi)

I tried this for the quilt binding.. and here is the result

Neat back and front stitch binding..
Lesser "out of track" stitch
I love this footer.. 
I dont know it works but the  result was awesome...

Opss cerita pasal binding jer kan... pasal quilt tuh bila nak citer... hihi 
Till next entry...


2 ulasan:

  1. kak, sy ad footer ni...yg sebelah dia ad spring, sebelah lg xde kn
    but xguna mana pun footer ni...xbest bg sy...sbb tersangkut kat kain..atau sbb sy beli yg murah, thats y xbest guna?huhu

  2. Aishhh awat tersangkut kat kain, betul tuh, ada spring. tp akak rasa kalau nak guna untuk jahit lurus jer mmg tak berapa cantik sbb widely open tak mcm universal footer tuh. Akak pun beli yg murah jer ni RM6.80 jer. Tapi kalau kat tepi n nak betulkan allignment mmg jadi cantik


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