Jumaat, Februari 18, 2011


What?? Sale???
Is it weird?
No, I hope not so..

This is actually my best solution to my biggest problem... so let me explain first what is my problem, I SIMPLY CAN'T STOP SEWING.. i am just that too addicted to my sewing project, do it once, and I want to do it more and more.. here what I had.. 

Actually I had more than these in one box, and its almost full.
So after thinking of what I need to do with all these.... emm maybe a giveaway, but despite having a popular blog, off course it will cost me a lot on posting fee (need to forgone more fabric then isk isk),  and after thinking and thinking, the best way is to sell it... just sell it off at my blog is the best solution for me as at now...

Here it is MY LILSHOPPE,, its really a small shop here, thats why I  decided to just open a new page, instead of a new blogshop. If you noticed, I had put in some of my works there already.. for the past few days...

Here are additional of it... jom layan ok..

Card wallet

Coin Purse
Coin Purse
Handphone Case

All handphone case/zippered pouch belows...

Pencil Case

Here are tissue box holder

 Dan tak lupa jugak... the recent one

But this one is not for sale.. this is for me.. its my first time doing this... mine always the first attempt.. bukan apa.. anything wrong with the work, I know how to fix it right... emmm that is the process of learning.

OK.. will update all this in my lilshoppe soon,


11 ulasan:

  1. tahniah di atas pembukaan my lilshoppe..

  2. congratzzz....hopefully 'my lilshoppe' akn jd 'my bigshoppe' nnt... ;)

  3. Congratulations on the opening of lilshoppe...bertambah seri lah kedai2 di alam cyber nih..rambang mata nak pilih...semua cantiks!

  4. all the fabrics you use are so beautiful

  5. Wah, kak Mila dah buka kedai!
    Good luck kak! Cantik-cantik semua produk!

  6. congrats kak.. dah ada shop sekarang.. :D

    (akak ni memang rajinnnnn tau!)

  7. congrats! tumpang happy. sungguh produktif! keep up d good work.

  8. wow nice... embroidery and applique on denim works together well doesn't it. You can sew roughly but it will still turns out great.

    cheers sis ==

  9. Dear Friends.. many thanks for the encouraging message here.. :)

  10. Cun-cun hasil jahitan... seronok bila explore internet ramai dan kaki2 menjahit... teruskan menjahit...huhuhuhu.....

  11. very very talented la.. jeles i tau..


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