Sabtu, Februari 05, 2011

What a long vacation....

Malaysians are on a long vacation for Chinese New Year (CNY), since Thursday till tomorrow, Sunday. And KL was so quiet, lots of empty parking space, no traffic jam, short Q, waaaa am I dreaming or what hehehehe... But I dont know of other area such Mid Valley (yang forever no empty parking space on public holiday n weekend) or KLCC (emmm dah lama Izzah tak request to go for public bath kat KLCC eks).

We opted not to go back to my hometown... tak larat nak tempuh traffic jam kat Karak Highway... normally it takes us a 2 hours journey, but with massive jam due to public holiday... dont be surprised that I will became a 4 hours journey tau... boleh sampai ke Kuantan dah.

Staying at home is the best.. doing cleaning, laundring, watching TV, watching videos, cooking etc etc.. and not to forget.. we went for a picnic at Ulu Yam on Friday.. see the children.. sibuk nak mandi, tapi air sejuk sangat hehhee..
Mana tak sejuknya... we are the first person sampai kat sini at 9.00am... sunyi sepi lagi tempat ni.
Their fathers sibuk pasang api untuk BBQ..
After makan-makan and mandi manda, we went home at 12pm. What a hurry kan... tak puas mandi lagi, the guys need to go for their Friday prayer plak... tired yet seronok.

Oh ya.. before I forget.. special thanks to MyBotang... for her cute lil gift here.
 This coin purse is neatly done, especially the zipper.. jenuh saya membeleknya hahaha..... pastu bawa pergi pasar malam hehehe.
Actually I bought "something" from her, and received it safely on Wednesday.. these are the "thing" hahahha
The quilt bookwas so amazing... camnalah nak merajinkan diri and buat quilt secantik tuh yerrr.... belek buku jer yg rajinnya... nak jahit tak tau le kurun keberapa tuh hehehe

Till then... enjoy your holidayyyyyy YEEAAAHHH


5 ulasan:

  1. byknyer shopping.. close up sikit.. hehe...;)

  2. kalau shopping kain mmg tak hengatnyer... duit takde jadi ada.. magic magic

  3. Kak Mila tak balik kampung ke? Tapi mandi air terjun memang best kan.
    Wah, bestnya tengok barang kak Mila shopping tu.

  4. Yati.. malas nak tempuh jem... seronok sesekala dok memerap kat rumah hahaha

  5. Mila.. sorry la iyer terlambat nak check your posts.. rajin betul awak update.. byk dah i miss.. hehehe

    thank you for the purchase iyer.. as always.. *hugs* coin purse tu using everything scrap.. fabric, batting, even the zip is remnants from bigger projects.. benang aje tak scrap.. hehehehe


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