Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Take a break.. sew a cloth pad

I took a break from patchwork and sew cloth pads...

Some of these cloth pantyliners sandwiched with microfleece, and some bamboo fleece, if you asked me which is which, I cant tell.. dah tak kenal mana satu.

All these are for sale.. do visit mylilshoppe if you are interested ok.

Kat bawah ni tempahan dari seseorang yang berminat nak mencuba cloth pantyliner and cloth pad.
Both made from imported flannel, the spiral from Moda, and the polkadot from JoAnn...

The cloth pad sanwiched with 2 layer of Zorb.. nampak fluffy gitu.. Hopefully the owner will had a wonderful experience with cloh pad.



  1. cantik !!! colourfull...semangat nak guna nih !! thx mila... akak dah amik award.. berpeluh ketiak mak menaip!!

  2. mcm best je. Untuk dlm pantang ada gak ke kak? rasa mcm nk order..hehe :)

  3. akak first time nengok ni kt cni...hihi jakun kan


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