Monday, February 27, 2012

fall in love with BOBBIN WORK

I heard about this BOBBIN WORK technique from our FB Group 1H1P yesterday...
And I am superduper excited with the technique and cant wait to try it. 
I surf for some tutorial on the net, eventhough nothing much about it, but enough to give me some idea on how it suppose to work.

When Izzah's went to sleep last night, I quickly looked for something to sew. Luckly I left one of my kaleidoscope cushion cover patchwork unfinished.

Here it is... my bedtime sewing LOL

The yellow thread using stitch no. 29 in my NV50, and I used cross stitch thread, but it was not DMC, I cant remember the brand.

I tried FMQ too, using DMC thread, thread that I normally use in Sulam Cabut Benang. slightly thinner than the crossstitch thread, so that I can load in more thread to the bobbin.
I am over the moon with this new technique, keep me wondering who are the first person that came out with this wonderful idea.

Still not a perfect outcome, I think I need to learn more on how to adjust the thread tension... see some of the thread is not well sewn. Lucky that my NV50 has getting back to its original performance on FMQ.... selepas di servis.

If you are also wondering about this new technique, try to do some research on it on the net, I am not someone you can refer to because I am also a beginner....LOL... sorry gurls

Happy Monday.. Have a nice day.



  1. ooo.. ni bobbin work -akak dapat tahu haritu first kelas kat m'sia by brother - yg attended haritu zila . dia nak wat kelas kan ??

  2. saya pun tau dari situ, itu yg trail n error ni.. ingat kalau dia buat kelas saya nak join jugak hehehe.. harini tak leh nak masuk FB, tak taulah kalau dia dah annouce bila kelasnya tuh

  3. Saya ada buku ,pernah juga cuba tapi tak menjadi ...maybe kena tengok betul-betul kot ...sebab kena adjust bobbin ,thread tension .....

  4. alamak...kak rose da tergoda gak..ayoyo..semua teringin nak buat..tapi bab2 adjust menadjust yang kurang berkenan..ape2 pun kene beli nv50 dulu ehh!

  5. Wah menarik ni! Maisya ada banyak sgt benang crosstich( masa muda dulu suka buat crosstich)....boleh la try.

  6. Umi Eca.. mmg menarik sgt. tetiba rasa nak cuba semua jenis stitch hehehe

    Suzie... best tuh.. awat tak try. outcomenyer tersangatlah cantik.. eh eh awak nak jual tak buku tuh hahahaha

  7. Kak Ros, through the tutorial yg saya jumpa, any machine with drop in bobbin will do, tak semestinya NV50 kut.

    Maisya.. kalau benang cross stitch solourful mmg lg cantiklah kan. cuma bila tebal, sikit je lah boleh lilit kat bobbin tuh. saya buat arituh separuh jer sekali masuk. pastu cepat habis plak tuh.. tp mmg best technique nii

  8. woww..menarik kak mila pun dh cuba sdri ek??sy pun ade google2 juga pasal bobbin work ni lps kak zila tnjuk hasilnye. sgt tertarik. sy juga terbaca kalau mesin BRO ni any types yg jenis Innovis (NV10, NV30, NV50 and so on..yg jenis Innovis la) boleh buat bobbin work..mcm kak mila ckp tu la yg bobbin jenis drop in tu sesuai. tp NV50 jd pilihan utama maybe sbb ade byk jenis decorative stitches nye la kan?nak try jugak la pasni..nak attend kelas mcm imposibble aje sbb pyh nak arrange masa.huhu..

  9. wow... looks like a lot of fun..

    just google and we could even us ribbon in bobbin.. this is great! thanks for sharing this.


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