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My Lazy Machine Binding Tutorial

Its a continuation on my previous posting on my scrap clearance project. Now I am going to clear off my 2 inches binding scrap. I have collected all binding leftover in one shoe box, so that easier for me to pick any of them incase i need it urgently... some  long enough to cover for a small project and some are merely two or three inches leftover.. i kept even the smallest one like 2 inches leftover binding haha.. I am a bit stingy person right.

Here we are... I sew the fabric at random... colourful right... and then folded it by ironing.

Fold it into two and begin to sew it after 3 to 4 inch from the beginning of the binding tape.
Sila pastikan fabric bawah dijahit yerr... additional tip on this, masa ironing make sure lipat betul2 sama atas dan bawah ok

Stop at the corner... make sure matikan jahitan yerr

The fold it like this

Cover it up and start sewing on it.. until all four corners

Leave few inches of the fabric unsewn and join both the end and the beginning of the binding tape.

Cut the remaining fabric

Complete the binding process

Here is the result..
Kalau dibandingkan dengan cara biasa, the one you sew at the front side and handsewn the other side, this binding method reveals the stitches, kurang cantik skitlah, but much more easier, especially with a fast and furious scrap project like this hehe

Dah siap 3, another 2 have to put on hold first, till I get enough "2 inches" binding leftover hahaha (kedekut betul nak cut a fresh new binding tape kan)

Additional tips on sewing a thin fabric... use your finger to adjust the front and the back of you binding tape

With that you can easily get almost the same width for the front and the back of the binding tape..

And pleaseee be reminded.. if you are doing it for the first time, anda akan mengalami jahitan yang terjatuh dari landasan hihihihi.. i.e. jahitan sebelah belakang tak kena, or jahitan yang terlalu jauh ke dalam. Jangan putus asa yerr... Practice makes perfect, and you will save much time by doing this binding method.

Happy weekend my dear cyber friends...
Thanks for visiting and reading my post here. Hope you can learn something.

Update on 12.02.2012 at 10:21am
Alternatively you can use this tool

Mine only applicable to my NV50, not my Mr.P


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  1. ...orang yang ada pengalaman menjahit pun tersasar jugak kak! ha ha ha

  2. suka la tgk placemate akak yg colorful tuh..hehe

  3. Salam,
    Cantiknya ... ada belajar mana2 ke ?

  4. alaaa..nak try juga ^ ^ mekaseh bagi tutorial, nnti sikit2 nurul try nih

  5. Risau tengok jari tu dekat sangat ngan jarum....kena terlaju tekan mau terjahit tangan! Tyha x berani buat mcm tu kalau pakai mesin industri...if portable....berani.Sebab tu time menjahit...dua2 mesin on..hahhahaha.Cantik....memang bab pasang binding ni kena practice selalu baru lawa.

  6. cantik2. ayu pun sama kak, 1-2" pun simpan gak kainnya..haha

  7. akak, thanks for sharing..tataula bila nak start wat scrap clearance ni..huhu~~

  8. wahh terror buat binding..saya masih keras lagi tangan bab bab binding ni..

  9. oo kak ni aka buat bias tape akak guna bias tape maker tu?


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