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Another scrap tutorial.. paper foundation/paper piercing

Feels like making another tutorial on my scrap project, i am bitten by tutorial bugs hahaha

Here, I would like to share how do I clear off my smallest, odd shapes cotton scrap... no more heavy cotton ok.

These are scraps out of scraps... camna tuh? Actually I used a bigger scrap for my Apple Cores project, I collected the one that cant fit in to the apple's pattern in one box... and here it is.

You can find my first ever paper piercing project here
Truely, its not my favourite patchwork method. I dont feel like trying other paper piercing pattern :P. But one thing that I learned, by paper foundation, you will get a stable and sharp shapes of your patchwork.

First you need to determine your pattern. Here I am preparing for a 4inch x 4inch block.
Use a tracing paper and create your own pattern (you can find tracing paper at any stationery shop or at the hypermarket) Say NO to A4 paper, because its hard to tear off the paper, and it might peel off your thread too

Take one piece of scrap, and put another on top if it and sew.. really hard to explain by word, but you can refer to the picture below

You can always play around with any scrap that you have. there is no specific rule.

the last piece..

Dah siap.... This is at the back.
Trim the excess fabrics, I should have used my rotary cutter, but my Mr.P is a bit far away (by few steps :p) from my cutting table, therefore I just use my scissor. But no need to be so accurate on the fabric, just use the paper as a guide when sewing

Then attach the block to border, I use 2 inches border.

Now tear off the paper

Finally you will get this..

I made this for my new table runner, but seems bigger that it should be, nak jadi apa agaknya yer... peram dululah..

Here is another block, a pinwheel, belum siap cantum lagi

Need more ideas?
Please visit at my previous posting on my kaleidoscope pattern here

And my giant cushion cover here

Hope this tutorial benefits you
Happy sewing to all my dear friends...


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  1. tak paham la teknik paper piercing ni..klo kita main jahit tak jadi ke tanpa paper tuh???huhu

  2. Noen... boleh jer takde paper, tapinyer tak berapa stabil, kekadang nak dapatkan 4 inci block, tp bila jahit ianya terbesar ot terkecik or herot.Bila pattern herot last outcomenyer tak berapa cantik.. bg akak lerr

  3. oooo gitu tekniknya. Skrg dah faham

  4. idea yg menarik dan practical

  5. such a great tutorial...keep it up~ ^.^

  6. bagus ....boleh juga cuba tapi bila la yeer...

  7. cantik!! saya memang tak berapa reti menjahit..pada saya org yg pandai menjahit & pandai buat kek/kuih2 ne mmg teror sbb saya mmg tak reti..

  8. bagus idea ni... nk cuba tp ntah ler. byk projek lain menanti... hehehe...

  9. this is just fun.. realy nice done.
    Groeten uit Nederland. Elizabeth

  10. Nak tanye, boarder tu mmg dah siap lubang ke?


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