Ahad, Februari 19, 2012

Restock Cloth Pantyliners

Kepada yang bertanyakan stok cloth pantyliner saya... adalah di umumkan (ayat lebih-lebih plak kan), saya telahpun restock my cloth pantyliner.

This one, top with bamboo fleece, if you ask me why bamboo fabric, the simple answer is it an antibacterial fabric, but if you need to know more, you can find it here

From my discussion with friends who are using this bamboo fleece, its important that the furry side do not touch your skin. So please dont worry, all this pantyliner sewn with the furry side facing inside, it will not touch your skin at all.

I restock 10 units of this type. The wing side made from cotton fabric.
Selling at RM8.50/piece

And below I made one with flannel only, an economical cloth pantyliner, selling at RM6/piece

Please email me if you are interested ok.
First come first serve basis, reservation only for 2 days.


7 ulasan:

  1. akak material pad tu kapas jugak cam readymade kt kedai tu ker?button tu mne nk dapt yerk..ada acuan dia jugk ker nk lektkn

  2. Suzie & Noen.. jahit sambil2 hehe

  3. azzra.. material kain, kalau flannel tuh berbulu skitlah bila dah basuh nnt. Guna snap button, ada jual pliers kat online shop

  4. Cik Lily, masih ada, sila email saya di, bgtau nak yg mana n berapa pieces


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