Selasa, Februari 28, 2012

Untuk di jual..

Once addicted to sew a make up bag, I will do it in rows hahaha
As I had so many handmade bags in my collection and I dont intend to use them.. I just want to sell off all these make up bags..
Butterfly in blue
Material : Cotton
Big size, about 8.5 inch x 9 inch
With 2 pockets inside, wirstlet with swivel clasp
Price : RM22.00

Ladybug in pink
(Combination of Pink Raindrop in stripe by Railey Blake and Urban Zoology Lady bug in pink)
US Designer Cotton
3 pockets inside
Wristlet with swivel clasp
Price : RM30.00

Combination of Sevenberry Japanese Cotton and Linen cotton (bottom part)
With 2 pockets inside
Wristlet with swivel clasp
Price : RM25.00

And the one below have their owners already

Its already towards end of February already.. how about our sew along?
Ada yang dah siap kan? Yang belum siap ada masa lagi nak cuba yerr
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  1. wah ...banyak dah jahit make up bag ni ...bestnye....banyakla baju nak jahit

  2. cantik2 fabric cotton tue..

  3. kalo kirim ke indo, total harganya berapa ya dalam IDR?


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