Khamis, Oktober 11, 2012

Changing mat and Nursing cover..

A diaper changing mat... in vehicle theme

3 pockets.. boleh letak macam2, not only diapers

Fold into two

comes with adjustable velcro strap

And for the first time I sew a nursing cover, emm not that difficult to do...

Fold it and put inside the pouch for easy storage

All from customer's own Ikea fabric... cantik jugak vehicle ni kalau buat quilt kan kan hihi.


3 ulasan:

  1. memang cantik corak vehicle klo buat quilt..sesuai untuk boy

  2. nak jahit juga boleh...nak kasi hadiah ...macam comel sangat

  3. febric vehicle ni memang cantik.. kain ikea ni tak berbulu.. :D saya buat sarung bantal anak je la.. hihihi


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