Isnin, Ogos 09, 2010

My New Pink Corner..

What a tiring weekend.. but berbaloi baloi..
Seee what I get...
A "Sarang Tikus" turn out to be MY NEW PINK CORNER

A lot need to be improved especially the table. Need a bigger table but I dont wanna to spend more, just use what ever that I have at the moment.. Many thanks to Ann for sharing on how to fold the fabric.. here what I did...  
Another exciting gadget.. sempena PC Fair.. memborong Netbook hahhaa..
I know what is the Q in your mind.. actually one of this Netbook belongs to my Sis.. We purchased it on behalf so that we can claim for tax.. syyyhhhh jgn bgtau orang LHDN yerr.

Mila@Rimbun with LOVE

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  1. Pink is nice.. :)
    A very good start.. :) and congratulations on your newly owned notebook.

    On Saturday, I started similar project.. adding a sewing corner to my study room, the first thing i did was to clear one small corner and took my foldable table (just like the one you have but plastic top) from kitchen to the room.. a lot more work to go...

  2. i used my dining table to be my sewing table, hehehe!

  3. Anic... Thanks.. sejuk mata bila tengok our very own corner is well organised.
    It seems that we have the same instinct kan.. when I am thinkg of wallet, u also think of wallet, same goes to the sewing room, what a coincidence..

    Lynn.. masa duduk rumah flat dulu sama lah, guna meja makan jer, but now its in Ground Flour, and my sewing corner is in first floor.. hahaha jauhnyer lah nak menggunting kain. Kalu nak gunting baju.. atas lantai ler nampaknya.

  4. phewit .. pink lagi !! cute cute .. nampak segar kan ... i ve been thinking the same thing too, to paint just one side of the room .. tapi dok fikir warna garang sikit !! hahaha ...tengok lah camna nanti ...



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