Friday, August 06, 2010

A Plastic Bag Holder from scrap...

Another sew it project that I am really interested to join
A Plastic Bag Holder..

I made it from scrap.. zigzag sew it and here it is.. saving quarter of my fabric
Those who wish to join please click this..

Mila@Rimbun with LOVE


  1. Taklah bersepah2 beg plastik di sana sini, kan? :)

  2. WOW Mila that is so beautiful it must have taken you ages to make it turned out great!

    You certainly made good use of your scraps

    Thanks for linking to Sew It :)

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique

  3. salam,

    teringat mak IM dulu rajin menjahit perca-perca kain menjadi selimut atau kekadang buat baju adik-adik IM masa kecil.

  4. Hey,

    I also joined in the sew-it-party just wanted to say that your bag holder looks great :)

    Claire (madefor3) x

  5. kak cik.. betul tuh, kalau nak car plastik pun senang.. tau mana nak cari.

    Mayya..thanks very much for the compliment.

    IM.. saya pun suka buat selimut tampal tuh, nak mengabihkan perca kain. Rasanya dah ada 10 helai kut hahaha.. banyak kan perca kain kat rumah saya tuh.

    Claire.. I will certainly visit ur after this. Thanks for dropping by

  6. Looking beautiful. You have used your scrap wisely.

  7. Hi Mila,

    You have been featured in Let's Sew A Party...


    I really like your plastic bag holder.. very creative..

  8. I really like this idea, I haven't found a "perfect" fabric maybe a mix is just what I need,
    Looks great!!

  9. Very creative Mila! Rajin nya you zig zag all the pieces, this is indeed a great scrap buster project!

  10. Mmg rajin laa & jimat! asek pikir camne nak mix and match.. leh gak try mix je sume.. :)

  11. Thendral.. Thanks very much

    Anic.. Thanks for informing me. Just check it out..

    Carolyn.. actually it save you from throwing away ur small scrap

    Zura.. really exciting doing all this.. just sew it freely.

    aisyah.. perca2 kain nii nak dibuang sayang, nak disimpan menyemak, itu yang fikirkan satu cara nak guna semula perca2 nii..


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