Selasa, Julai 12, 2011

Anic-Lohas Sew Along : Patchwork Wallet (Week 1)

Week 1 - 4th - 10th  July (Creating the outer piece)

Making wallet??? Once again?? hahaha
Actually, my past experience with wallet making was not a succes story.
some of it peacefully sitting inside my UFO box.
But as usual.. its not the end of it.. and when Anic mentioned about a wallet making sew along, wow.. its a great time for us to learn and share the wallet making journey together..

Since I am a bit occupied lately, I missed the 1st week deadline, and here it is my outer piece..

I choose linen fabric for this wallet, thick linen for the outer side, and the lining (not in the picture) is actually a light weight linen. Quilted with the decorative stitch..
 Ok thats all, i havent cut the cards compartment yet.. till then..

Anyone would like to join??? belum terlambat, come and visit Anic here for the tutorial and progress..


7 ulasan:

  1. mcm menarik je..sempat lg ke nk join.,..

    saya pun setakat ni tak lulus2 lg buat wallet...semua terbengkalai...huhu...lg senang jahit beg

  2. sempat lg.. deadline sampai 31 july... buat step by step.. tak terasa sgt jom

  3. mila , cantik u guna those stitches on the machine ! lovely :)and nice pick on fabric combo too.

  4. Mila, saya tunggu saja posting selanjutnya kalo wallet ini sudah jadi yah... :)
    masih belom sempat menyentuh my singer.. hehehe
    selamat berkaryaa...

  5. Mila, cantiknya.. like both the fabric selection and the special stitches..

    BTW, for the card compartments, if you were to add interfacing, use the one which is almost transparent. Even then, it is a bit thick. To ease the sewing later, suggest to add interfacing only to the bottom and top part.. :)

  6. Salam pekenalan. rasa bertuah jadi follower ke 200 blog nie..saya suka dan sudah jatuh cinta dgn ini blog ma..

  7. Wah, sew along wallet.. selamat menyiapkannya, kak Mila! :)


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