Sunday, October 10, 2010


Actually this picture was taken at 00:10 on 101010... to excited to finish it and put it on its place hahaha. but too sleepy to share with you immediately after that.. and I wake up early this morning (early for sunday) typing this entry.

It was not the fridge cover that makes me excited.. though it's my first time also, doing the fridge cover with applique on it.

It's... the binding that excite me... hahaha.. my first time doing the binding and the result really catching my eye... I cant believe I done that huhu

Many thanks to CikAs.. for sharing this tutorial from Trisha
Here is the closer view of it.
A mistake to learn.. I actually wanted to have the green one inside, but wrongly cut the fabric. Blame on me coz I dont really print the tutorial.. I just print it inside my head hihihi

Ok.. my next attempt is to bind my table runner....



  1. The binding looks great... the corner is very nicely done.

    I know how you feel.. :) when I first did a binding successfully.. i was so happy.. :)

  2. wah , memang cantik .. lepas nih kita try pulak :) .. kita pun nak buat alas fridge jugalah ...

  3. nak buat jugak arrr...9sibuk je kite ni..)

  4. Anic.. haha its like sleep in smile

    CikAs & tomei.. Jom.. nnt share jugak yerr

  5. tah bile tahun..ahahaha...bagi semangat mila sket

  6. Ni yang applique macam burung hari tu kan... bila dah jadi, nampak cantik! Great work, kak Mila! :)

  7. fabric sama mcm langsir dapur saya.. cantik jugak kalu dibuat alas fridge.. idea.. idea.. haha.. thnks anyway..

  8. Yati.. betul tuh.. projek kecil kecilan kikik

    Sellynna.. saya pon buat langsir dapur jugak tp malas nak share kat sini, simple jer.. ni lebihan dari langsirlah nii hihihi.. nnt dah siap share yer..


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