Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pelari Meja Baru Saya (My New Table Runner)

Kalau dterjemah perkataan "Table Runner" ni dalam bahasa Melayu jadilah ianya Pelari Meja kan... pelik tak terjemahan tuh yer? Ada tak istilah lain yang lebih tepat agaknya yer?

So inilah hasilnya My WIP arituh...
After spending the whole day today finishing it (minus the housework, the shopping session, cooking etc etc)
A bit closer look..
Sorry.. lebih kepada binding tuh ahak.. bukan apa.. excited sangat dengan binding, nampak ok sangat (from my eye view hik hik-terlebih excited ni)

Honestly, there is no flowers to put in my coffee table (even other part of the house).. as it will only add up my weekend task (as a part time housewife offcourse).

But I plan to add all these flowers to my home sooon.. still in making hihi. Thinking of a wall hanging emm.. we'll see

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  1. Nice :) my table takde runner pasal takut si Arwen tarik. Coffee table pun dah tolak tepi pasal nak kasi ruang budak-budak berlari.

  2. sungguh la rajin u buat patchwork. Like the pattern :)! Tgh in that mood yek? Have not tried real patching yet. Dok avoid je project yg requires patching hehehhe..

  3. kak mila...
    cantek table runner tu..pattern dia cantek.

    tapi kaler hijau striking tu mcm tak sesuai...
    mungkin tak masuk ngan langsir tu kot..

    komen membina jer,,jgn terasa ek..

    love. =)

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  5. yes, yes.. the binding looks great! :)

    somehow i felt that the brother machine i have when jahit benda tebal, the stitch is not very tight.. do you have similar feeling? thinking how to improve that.. maybe need to use different type of kaki?

  6. yup.. cantek..cantek...
    bebaik lari plak g umah saya..kekekek

  7. Nak jht 'table runner'ni perlu kesabanran yg tinggi kan? Ya..mcm mana nk terjemah ke BM..pelari meja? mcm tak sesuai je..alas meja gak yg ok.

  8. santeknya.......syabas-syabas.....

  9. Kak Rozi.. Arwen masih kecik lg.. mesti bahaya kalau ada table runner. Tapi masalah budak besar nii.. table runner jd alas dia baring plak hahhaa

    Aza... camtuh ler bila hot kikiki.. hot hot taik ayam kikiki

  10. Hidayah.. Thanks for the opinion. I do appreciate ur comment and someone dah komen before this.. but my answer.. life is full of colours.. so why limit our self with the colour surround us only kikiki.. well itu opinion non ID person ler kan

    Anic.. emm let me check.. is it that I didnt notice it eks.. but just now a sew the CP, the needle keep on skipping bila tempat tebal.. wonder why.. and thinking of calling LSN but too late already, maybe tomorrow

  11. tomei... I kejar tau.. sampai sana kut bole dapat a cup of coffee hihih

    kak zai.. betul.. terutama bab finishing ie quilting.. aduh.. berpeluh jugak lerr

    Nieza.. Thanks Anje.. aku tunggu ko nyer plak nii hihihi


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