Isnin, Oktober 18, 2010

Cloth Pad.. My 4th Version

I found this pink flowery flannel during my shopping spree at Jln TAR..

Here it is my 4th version (waaaa sudah banyak version rupernyer) of Cloth Menstrual Pad.

Thanks to Anic for sharing her ZORB with me. I think its good for a heavy flow cloth pad.. but honestly I have not tested it yet.

The Green one is actually a pantyliner but can be used for a light flow too because it is backed by PUL.

Here is at the back of the CP.. its actually an improvised version of my 3rd CP. The wings attached to the pad in the middle so that there will be no leakage to the wings side...

My passion to patchwork haha.. I have no plan yet with this patchwork.. just do it because I like the pattern, thinking of whether a baby blanket or a table cloth emmm will think about it later... may be put aside in my UFO basket first..


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  1. Hi Mila,
    I have not seen this flannel before.. nice.. we have so few flannel choices here..

    How many layer of Zorb did you use? When I make for light/normal flow, I only use one layer.

    Do you have PUL for the wing? Is your PUL sandwiched PUL?

    The patchwork is very nice..


  2. Anic.. the sequence is flannel at the top- microfleece - zorb(1 layer) - PUL - flannel at the bottom. If 2 layer of Zorb, too thick I think..

    I didnot use PUL for the wing side, should i?

    still trial and error, hopefully this one ok

  3. Anic.. mine is not a sandwiched PUL..

  4. Thanks for the information. I think with microfleece & Zorb should be sufficient for heavy flow.

    I read that PUL at the wing could help avoid leaking...

    BTW, where did you buy your PUL? I still haven't found a local place which sell yard/meter PUL (non sandwiched).

  5. I try first with one layer... but honestly kalau 2 layers, takut tak best pakai nnt.

    emm never read about it.. maybe after this can try to put PUL at wing..

    The PUL I bought from Nisa.. I bought 1/2 meter, but ok lah sbb bidang 60 inci.. banyak lg lebihnya

  6. i thought Nisa's PUL was sandwiched:

    now i know she has non sandwiched PUL.

    thanks for sharing...

  7. from what i read.. sandwiched PUL is the one without the shining side right? Mine is one side mcm plastic, the other side mcm kain.. so bukan sandwiched PUL le kan.. correct me if I'm wrong


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