Ahad, Oktober 24, 2010

My Envelop Card Holder

I saw this simple tutorial from Anic on Envelop Card Holder.
I read that there is no turning the fabric and no pulling the interfacing through a small hole, I decided to have a try on it...

Here is the small envelop card wallet and itssss mother hihihi.. I enlarged it and make it something like clutch, really easy to do it..
One more... this one is mine

For the 'mother', I attached a zippered coin slot in front

For this one I put it inside..

Jom try jugak.. I am sure you will love to do it.


8 ulasan:

  1. wow...

    Mila, they are very very nice!!!

    Love them.

    The "mother" is a very good idea.. I have to make it too..

    very good choices of fabric too!

  2. and you must have received your new snap press (or plier?)... have fun.. :)

  3. Wah....cantiknya.....bilalah saya nak try ni...;)

  4. cantik la Mila. love both of them...

  5. Anic... Many thanks to you for sharing the tute... The snap buttona are not the one from TinyTapir, its the one that I bought from zila kassim. I think its more suitable for bag/wallet

    Tyha.. jomlah try. mmg senang sgt.. less than 30 minute I guess. Lebih masa kat menggosok, dari menjahitnya

    Rosh.. Thanks Rosh

  6. ah.. metal snap.. warnanya nampak macam one of the KAM snap I have...

    I agree with you, for bag/wallet, memang metal snap lebih sesuai.

  7. cun la plakss hehe..wat tmpt ltk henpon pon ok kan, akak? cam nak coba2 jer..(ishh aku ni sumer mende nak wat...raser ketamakan yg menguasai diriiiiii....)

  8. sueann...betul tuh.. buat letak henpon pon ok... cuma nak kena betulkan saiz tu ler.. ikut saiz henpon


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