Monday, December 05, 2011

Sleeping bag for baby.... ops bukan babylah

Yup.. its not for baby but for barbie.
That is one of Izzah's request these few days, she actually asked for a long sleeve dress and a tudung for all her barbie dolls. Aiyaaaaaa.. manyak susah mau buat. at last after she membebel2 pasal tak buat lagi baju2 barbies tuh, I made sleeping bag for them... just to kept her silent for a while hahaha

Izzah stood besides me when I was sewing this, and she reminded me about the pillow... how easy it is to make a pillow for the barbies hehee. siap ajar lagi tuh.
Then I got an idea, why not attached a pillow to this sleeping bag.. she buys the tricks and agree with it. "Alaa umi tuh.. nak jimat kain ler tuh" wakakaa

I sew this on Friday night... 
The pattern was actually taken from McCall's Quilt, but I dont actually follow the tutorial and the instructions. I challenged myself to do on my own, the first 4 blocks are well done, but the third row fuhhhh... the blue one is totally out because of wrong fabric selection.
And the last one suppose to be the Party Hat pattern, tapi nampaknya jadi Party Frog pattern hahaha.. betul tak? Nampak macam katak. And I was a bit lazy to redo... lantak ler labuuuu
I called this quilt Puzzle Patchwork Wallhanging. Ok.. lepas ni boleh FMQ plak...

I am expecting.... expecting few guests to come to my home this week. therefore I need an extra spaces at the family area, in case they are not comfortable to sleep in the room. Dah ramai2 tak selesa kan.

Here is my workstation,  a new look, dumping everything in one side of the tiny family area.. fuh

Opsss where is all my fabrics
Truthfully, I hide it, 
Malas nak menjawab pertanyaa.. "Banyak kain2 tuh...Banyak tempahan ke???" hahaha

On saturday sempat lagi saya pergi belajar buat telekung dengan kak Zai of Zairazone, uihhh tersangat happy tau, so now telekung alteration dah masuk dalam list. Nanti2 saya cerita in detail n tunjuk telekung yang dah siap, now in final process.. belum siap betul lagi. Wokey lepas ni 1 telekung for mak, 1 telekung for MIL... semangat berangan.

Oklah, thanks for reading
Happy Working Monday to all...



  1. owh...sungguh bertuah baby2 itu...hehe

    dan....saya amat kagum dengan kerajinan akak berquilt O_O

  2. bestnya akak dah pandai jahit telekong.. jgn lupa tayang kak.. :)

    tudung utk barbie? alahai.. mesti besar ibu jari je tudung dia.. hehehe... ;)

  3. Haha, comel, sleeping bag untuk barbie!
    Bestnya, kak Mila dapat pergi belajar buat telekung. :)

  4. Noen.. correction skit, sebenarnya akak malas quilting tp rajin wat patchwork, time nak basting n quilting tuh start ler lemah lutut haha

  5. MamaD.. insyallah nnt akak tunjuk yer hehehe.. memang seronok sgt dapat ilmu baru

  6. Yati... kejap jer senyap sebab dapat sleeping bag barbie, arini dah kena bebel bila nak siapkan baru barbie tuh aduhaiiii hahah

  7. Wah...comel sleeping bag dia!Mesti izzah teruja


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