Tuesday, May 17, 2011

oh baby baby

Spending this whole morning sewing this..
Its a flannel panel bought from Maymay Shop, turn into a baby blanket

Thought that this blue green theme will suit both baby boy or girl... but then.. a bit surprised, its only for baby boy... dah tulis besar2 "BOY" kan... camana nak gegurl nak pakai.

I added an embroidery stitching at the binding.. tapi tak clear sangat, maybe I choose a wrong combination of thread. Tengok dekat2 baru nampak hahaha

Blanket ni akan di hadiahkan kepada my SIL, yang bakal melahirkan  this coming June. Harap semuanya selamat yerr.
I have one more panel with this print, if anyone interested, please email me. At first I thought of making this blanket for me, but since I am  not going to use it, I am offering it to those who are interested in it.




  1. Also got 3 panels, 1 siap...bile nk buat entah...nice blanket by the way..

  2. mamikelate.. dah tengok kat ur blog.. wow cantik2 nyer kain2 tuh. This is my first time using panel, mmg senang nak jahit.. and cepat dari nak buat patchwork

  3. ctNHoney.. harapnya kakak iparku suka lerr hehehe

  4. Mila ...cantik ...tgh siapkan warna pink utk baby girl...kena batting tak bila guna flannel ni

  5. kak mila.. blanket ni maknanya takde batting ek? tapi nmpk mcm akak quilt jugak.. btol kah pandangan mata ku ini? :)

  6. Suzie, saya letak jer batting tuh nak bg tebal skit

  7. ziela.. blanket maknanya takde batting eks eks.. akak idok ler tau. akak isi jer fiber, kira2nya boleh jadi playmat jugak lerrr

  8. cantik & cute baju kat ampaian tu..good job dear!


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