Friday, March 23, 2012

Blogger's BOM Quilt Along

Here is my Star Quilt Block for February...
Better late than never right.. :)
You can find the tutorial from Diary of a Quilter here
At first sight I thought that this block is quite complicated to do, but after doing it, I do love this block... its not that complicated as I imagined it.
Thanks to the organiser, I love joining a quilt along to try out new pattern actually.

Happy Friday....



  1. Hi Mila!

    Pretty block - very accurately pieced. I don't really do many blocks myself, but you may just be the inspiration I need :-)

  2. assalammualaikum...
    baru terjumpa blog ni...lieza baru berjinak2 nak menjahit... lieza bercadang nak beli mesin jahit tepi singer jd diantara 3 benang dan 4 benang yg mana lebih berbaloi beli yer...

  3. macam bunga tulip.. :) cantik ni kalau buat 1 quilt ni.. heheh..

    kak mila mmg rajin okeh! zila x mampu.....


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