Rabu, Mac 07, 2012

Restock Cloth Menstrual Pad

Atas permintaan saya restock my Version 8 : CMP (Cloth Menstrual Pad) Economy

You have an option on folding soaker or bamboo soaker

Ada 3 pilihan housing..

Dulu saya menggunakan Flannel & Zorb as soaker, tapi kali ini saya buat Bamboo (2 ply ) + Zorb (in the middle) as soaker... much much better for those who has sensitive skin

Untuk folding flannel pula, you have 2 choices of colour

Boleh  pick n mix:
Housing at RM15.00 per piece (I have 10 pieces in stock but 4 are reserved)
Bamboo soaker at RM15.00 per piece
Folding flannel at RM5 per piece

Dan ini pula... restocking flannel pantyliner

Seems a good bussiness on selling Cloth Pad right. I do agree that its a good bussiness, but deep in side my heart, a positive feedback from user give me more strength to sew more and more. Its not something that I do for a profit, but more of promoting good things for our health and the environment. And I really hope that I can offer something that is affordable to all ladies out there.

Thanks for the support


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  1. Patut diam jer....bisnes bagus sekarang ...tumpang gumbira ...hahahah

  2. mila, suka betul la tgk CMP kat sini....comel2 semuanya! err...boleh tutorial x camne nk jahit benda cute ni?...;)

  3. semoga bisnes maju sokmo...

  4. hi mila...ini memang brilliant :)


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