Selasa, November 23, 2010

Accordion Card Wallet

Purse making again...yang chomel chomel sajer
Its an accordion card wallet.. the tutorial that I found at studio-clip (again hahaha)
This is my first attempt sewing this kind of purse.. and the fabric was from Nykolett Curtain (again hihihi. Thanks Kak Ros.. kan dah ckp, project dengan scrap mmg cepat je jalannya...)

Lots to be improved... terutama on attaching bias tape tuh..

And here is another story.. I found this at the nearest DIY shop (the one that I bought my eyelet pliers before) and bought it... well at 30% discount offcourse I cant resist it. And thinking of making Cik Yam for another round using this heat resistance material. Nak tukar baru ironing cover pun possible jugak kan....


8 ulasan:

  1. suka tengok daun atas bertemu daun bawah in the second pic..itu memang dah calculated or just fluke?brilliant sungguh..!This is a good start for doing bias project.

  2. cantik..produktifnya beliau nih..

  3. Kak Ros.. stroke of luck only.. saya bedal jer gunting kain tuh.

    Tyha.. TQ. jom try plak hihi. Baca tute tuh mcm ayam baca tulisan itik je hahaha...

    Sonice... macam dlm debate plak guna perkataan beliau hahaha

  4. mmg produktif... kena bg byk2 srcraps kat mila ni... berbaloi2.. hehehe..

  5. Rosh.. saya ni dah takde sgt scrap lepas saya buat plastic bag holder aritu.. mmg habis langsung. so bila kak ros bg scrap mmg saya suka sgt lerr. bole testing banyak mende.

  6. cute card wallet!!! I've never tried accordian style before.. thanks for the link.. I like it that you changed the cover and made it straight instead of curve.. I have headache when sewing curves!!! *tension*

  7. su.. I think the tutorial have two version, one is straight flap and ther other curvy flap (main agak jer coz I dont understand any single word of it)... as a first timer wajib lah ambik yg senang dulu kan.


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