Sabtu, November 20, 2010

Cloth Pad Review

I sew more cloth menstrual pads.. again... this is from my 5th version, the folded CP. I think this pattern fit me well.
- easy to dry
- no leakage at the wing side.. fully backed with PUL fabric that I bought from niceclothdiaper recently.
- the easiest pattern to sew
- love terry cloth (tuala). its a super absorbent fabric and easy to wash the stain.
Yer laaaa.. compare to other pattern I found before, I think this is the best.. kendian hari tak tahulah kan hihi.

I am promoting Cloth Pad to all women in the world. Jom tinggalkan disposable menstrual pad.. lets migrate to the new cloth menstrual pad...lets save our pocket, our planet and promote healthy living.

To those yang ragu2 nak menggunakan cloth pad but want to experience it yourself, or afraid that your spending is not worth it (I know that most CP is quite pricey), I can sew the pad for you with a minimal cost for you to try it on. Please bare in mind that I am not selling CP... just for testing only, if you find it ok, please proceed to buy it from those who really sell it... valid to those who has never used it before (how do I know eks.. I also dont know hehehe) email me for detail ok.


7 ulasan:

  1. Very nice... :)

    Kudos for sewing for others to try out.. A wonderful act to help save the world..

  2. Warrggghhhh...makin mantoppp kak Mila! Go! Go! Go!

  3. Anic... tetiba je terfikir.. sbb ramai yg tak confident nak try, tambah plak harga mahal kan. Itu pun kalau ada yg nak lah hihi

    Zetty.. jadi ke Ina nak arrange gathering kat tasik cini yer? tetiba tukor topik plak kakakaka

    Lynn.. hahaha cute katak panggil hujan

  4. Selamat berkenalan Mila...
    saya dah selamat meninjau-ninjau blog Mila...
    Hasil jahita yang sangat membanggakan...Tahniah...
    Saya pun ada jahit untuk diri sendiri cloth pad ini tapi tak cuba lagi menjahit yang bersayap...
    Sokong kempen untuk hijaukan bumi....Mari kita bertukar ke cloth pad

  5. >> Itu pun kalau ada yg nak lah hihi

    You are right.. :) In a forum, I cuba bagi free cloth pad for ladies to try out and the response wasn't very good. :)

  6. Zakiah.. welcome to my blog. Jom kita sama2 hijau kan bumi kita. seingat saya, mmg tak banyak disposal dari toilet sejak guna cloth pad nii

    Anic.. betul lah... so far no one lg interested in this.. maybe diorg malu kut. I am thinking of free sewing for those interested, but still they have to pay for the cost of the material. but very much cheaper than buying the readymadelah... after very much detail calculation, I think the raw material cost is around RM10-RM15 only.


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