Friday, November 12, 2010

Macam macam aderrr

I have to admit that fall in love with cotton linen recently. I bought it online from few blogshop like fabricfanatic and lovecraft, and dont dare to buy in yard yet, just sample linen and scrap only hihihi. and I am working on it..

And I want to tell you a secret.. nampak tak.. this boxy pouch can stand on its own.. I dont put anything inside and no any interfacing.. hahaha.. the truth is I used canvas cotton as a lining fabric. I bought it from Nagoya few months back at RM11.90 per meter, and never used it. Wahh why am I ever think of it before.. senang kerja, no need nak iron on the interfacing etc etc..

Kalau dah ada new tools in d hhauz, takan nak tengok ajer kan.. my testing on my eyelet pliers.. menjadi jugak. Rasa macam nak tebuk lg few holes plak hihihi. Gian nak menebuk gitu...
The love-love applique is using machine stitching. Entah macamana, buka manual NV50 tuh semalam, tetiba tertengok cara2 camna nak guna applique stitch.. mmg ok jugak buat camni.. ahhh semua bende nak cuba kan..
Honestly.. when I joined my current employer, I lost excitement in accounting due to a very small job scope, only on budgeting. No more dealing with the auditors, no financial perfomance report to BOD, no tax submission, no dealing with bankers or financier.. ahhh life as an accountant is so bored without all those things. but Thanks to Allah for giving me this new excitement.. in crafting and sewing and connected to people that I have never met without boundaries. Agghhhh luahan perasaan plak kan. Uhhh abaikan sajer yerrr.

Selamat Berhujung Minggu semua yerr.. ops petang ni nak g sekolah Izzah.. ada hari kecemerlangan pelajar, tak sangka plak budak malas nak baca buku mcm si Izzah ni bole dapat 4A 1B hahaha. yang B tu adalah Maths.. subject that I love most in my school days, but for her, she hate it the most kikiki.



  1. Salam Mila...

    Tahniah untuk Izzah dan ibuayahnya juga... :)

  2. Congrats Izzah! tgk your earlier post on eyelet pliers cam x interested je. dah tengok application dia on the bag, cam interested pulak... mana nak gi cari nih ek? heheheh... temptation, temptation... pliers pun boleh tempted...

  3. Dear Mila,
    jadi interest untuk ke fabricfanatics & lovfecrafts
    dia bisa kirim ke indonesia tidak ya?

  4. alaa.. banyaknya update aktiviti menjahit dia. suka sangat dengan pouch + love appliques tu. to izzah, congrates ye!

  5. kagum.. kagum... laju berkarya... keep up d good work! congrats to izzah too.

  6. salam..

    tahniah buat adik angkatku, izzah (ceh..tak ngaku diri jd makcik..) muahaha!

    ok, more eyelet-punch-product puhleeeease! ^^

  7. salam kem...tahniah untuk izzah and maknye....

  8. Terima kasih semua...

    Dewi Citra.. sorry for late reply.. glad that u have found fabricfanatic at etsy.. me myself dont even know about it

  9. kak mila...shantek laaa applique tu.. beg tu pos je la kat saya..ahaha..ti Izzah..tahniah ye... mintak mama adiah melancong ke Hawaii..ahahah..


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