Sabtu, November 27, 2010

Hati yang berbunga bunga...

Revisit my few months back project... Its really takes a longer time for me to finish it.. as I am not that confident with the free motion footer again... (after my cushion cover project) bila fikir pasal quilting jerr.. aduhhh malas betul... I would rather patching than quilting.

But then, when I start to do it last night.. piece after piece.. I found that I am now quite in control of the stitching.. no more 1 inch stitch hahhaa.... mula2 tuh memang masih ada yang bersegi2, towards the end, I improved a lot (terperasan kejap).. yeyeyeye.. I love free motion 

So this is my first ever a wall hanging quilt... sorry gambar melintang ler kan... nak upload gambar menegak tp asyik failed jerr.
Zoom skit on each applique.. macam biasa, yang simple simple ajerr.. kalau complicated sangat, takut tak siap..

My sincere comment on my carftwork here, I made a mistake in choosing a checkers print for the border... so nampak sangat herot-herot tu kan. I am supposed to use my polkadot print.... but apa pun I am proud of if, I take it as an art of learning then..

Another story... for the first time I went to Daiso, eventhough its only 20 minutes driving from my home. We were heading for Ikea actually, but divert jap ke Daiso.. emmm macam2 ader.. bestnyerr... 
I also bought pinking shear from Ikea... ahh penat sungguh. Yang dicari adalah divider for our living room, but after depth thought of it, we decided not to take it hahaha..

Till then, byeee. Selamat berhujung minggu semua.


7 ulasan:

  1. soo pretty, i want to learn about quilt too. but would need a high persistence ;(

  2. Mila... makin hebat in Applique..

    The free motion quilting nampak cantik also. Thanks for sharing about the checker print bias tape.. Now I know and will avoid it in the future.

    Warmest regards,

  3. fitriaa... start with a simple project first.. slowly you will learn.. then u will fall in love with it :-)

    Anic.. finishing my UFO project haha.
    I think you can use checker print, but need to cut it serong... so tak nampaklah herot2 tuh

  4. ah.. ok. So far, I don't cut serong.. rasa sayang kan fabric.. :)

  5. Anic.. u r right, thats why i cut all my binding straight. rasa mcm membazir kain kalau potong serong

  6. hamboih kak mila, dah jadik DAISO addict nmpk hahahahahah..welkam to da klub....

  7. haha.. free motion masih menakutkan saya.. sejak aritu tak try2 lagi.. tapi akan try lepas tgk kesungguhan akak nih.. hehe..

    nice applique.. kalo buat byk2 bleh buat single bed size.. sure cantik kak untuk anak dara akak.. :)


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