Ahad, November 14, 2010

Drawing a Hexagon? Tutorial

I was sitting quietly at my sewing corner and thinking of a bag design.. a simple square patchwork, or maybe a triangle.. and why not a hexagon... banyak cerita hexagon niii

I remembered during my school day.. back to 1990's, our SRT's (Sains Rumah Tangga) teacher tought us to make a pot holder using hexagon. What I can recall was... I fell in love with all the patterns (not only hexies) in her guide book and wish that one day I can have that book for myself.

My hexies project during my confinement day... for my Izzah 8 years ago. Ada orang kata masa pantang tak boleh menjahit.. betul ke eks.. My mum didnt say anything on it.

The main problem with hexies (my problem) is to draw the pattern. Selalu herot sana sini. last2 bila dicantumkan ianya bermasalah pulak. But then entah macamana.. bila I kept on folding the paper.. I found that there is an easy way to do it... jom layan the picture.. I think the picture speak a thousand words of it... 

Camna? ok tak.. rasa mcm senang jer kan. Cuma make sure measure back each sudut. Kekadang masa potong tuh ianya lari skit few milimeter (uihhh keciknyer measurementkan hehehe)

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