Ahad, Januari 22, 2012

Cloth Pad.. 8th Version.. Pad Ekonomi

Some of us might asking why is it Modern Cloth Pad is soo expensive right.. Some more its not as convenient as the disposable pad, yet you pay for more.

One of the reason is because of the material, only if the PUL fabric is available locally, with a reasonable price, then the cost of making it will be reduced a lot. But... if you go to any fabric store and asking for  PUL fabric, they will just staring at you like you are from another planet and they will ask you back what the hell is that hahahaha.

Soo I am thinking hard on how to reduce the use of PUL, or can it be reused....

I think Anic idea on this pad was great, the housing with PUL can be used for many soakers. I have been using it ever since, and its really convenient for me... especially on my working days.

So with that idea, here is my 8th version of cloth menstrual pad..

with 2 layer of Zorb as soaker
Folded flannel, making a total of 6 layers of flannel as soaker (but you only have to dry 2 layer of flannel when washing it)

Or any typer of soaker of you choice, as long as it can be attached to the housing by using snap button. The housing made of PUL anf flannel only, therefore you can wash it at night and wear it in the morning.

I made 3 of these.. in case anyone interested in it

You will get : 
1 PUL housing,
1 Zorb soaker and
1 folded flannel soaker
(this equivalent to buying 2 menstrual pad)
at the price of RM35.00 only.

Pluss some more....... you have the choice to purchase this
Travel Pad Organiser
at the price of RM3 only.
Can fit in 2 pads at the same time and the elastic hook enable you to hang it (especially when you are at the public toilet, jarang ada tempat letak barang kan) 

And today I restock my cloth pantyliner too...

They are 15 altogether in a row..

Ok thats all for today...
Happy holiday.

Note: Sorry.. all sold out but will be restock soonest possible


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  1. I don't use pads anymore but a cup (that you put inside the vagina, and it is so much more convenient. I can even do sport and swimmingpool without thinking about it. I use the diva cup.

    I like your investigations to find the best pads and followed your evloutions. Fun to follow.

  2. takde komen tapi saya baca tampalan ini

  3. hi texmex... welcome, I am thinking of using cup also but still have some doubt on it haha, still wondering how to use it

  4. Very nice, Mila. What is the length of the "housing"?

  5. Anic, its 10 inch, I use adahy's pattern

  6. Thanks Mila...

    i am thinking to try the string version 1 day.. :)

  7. hmmmmbest tengok ni ....hahahha

  8. As salam, Mila, Zorb dan PUL tu beli kat mana...nk try la..

  9. Anic, wowiiii.. sexynyer. rasanya mcm disposable pad yg kat hospital dulu2... long time ago. tak pasti sekarang masih ada atau tidak

  10. Suzie... link Anic tu ker hahahaha.. I dok pikir camno nak dapat kulit secantik tuh yer hahaha

  11. Rinn, saya beli kat PUL kat nicecloth diapers, Zorb kat sweetprettystuff

  12. Akak, nak cuba pakai cloth pantyliner ni, sebab sy mmg hari2 pakai pantyliner.. Jimat kalau pakai yg cloth ni.. Tapi skg takde stock lagi kan cloth pantyliner? Akak sarankan sorg patut ada berapa ye pantyliner ni? Thanks :)

  13. Salam NurulHuda, Kalau memang hari2 pakai mmg jimat sangat guna cloth ni. susah nak rekomen berapa keping patut ada, trylah dulu 5 keping dan tengok keperluan. Rasanya so far akak ada dalam 7-8 keping jer, dah cukup dah, lagipun dependslah kalau kita rajin membasuh, dan basuh dengan machine plak, cepatlah keringnya.
    Setakat ini akak takde stoklah, cepat sgt terjual bila restock. Insyallah next week akak tambah stok lagi, kalau Nurul nak, email akak, nnt dah siap akak email dulu before offer kat blog ni.

  14. Orait thanks.. Cloth pantyliner ni tak perlu lapik pape dah kan, x macam cloth pad kan? Ok kak, huda leave my email here. Tapi kan kak, saya nak purchase hujung bulan ni, tunggu gaji masuk dulu. Kalau around that time akak ada nak update pantyliner ni, akak email huda ye :) panggil saya huda je, mesra lagi hehehe.. Thanks again kak!


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