Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cloth Pantyliner for sale..

Its Sunday morning... everybody is still sleeping and my eyes opened wide.
Yup.. saya memang tak boleh nak sambung tidur di waktu pagi begini. Kalau dah bangun subuh, mesti ambik breakfast dan do something.. like sewing hahahaha

Here it is, 5 cloth pantyliner for sale. 

I am using local flannel from Kamdar. Sandwiched with microfleece inside. Taklah tebal sangat, agak senang nak kering. Ukuran : panjang +-10 inch, lebar pad +-3 inch, lebar dengan wing +-7.5 inch. Fastened with resin snap button. For detail pricing, please visit MyLilShoppe ok.


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  1. i'm interested and already emailed u. thank u.


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